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Fharas Sandoval, MBA, ICF, NLP

Mindset & Business Coach

Certified Reiki Practitioner

Fharas Sandoval is a Mindset & Business Coach and Certified Reiki Practitioner. She has worked with Entrepreneurs and Leaders at all levels from multiple countries, helping them launch and manage successful projects. For several years her work was focused upon financial modeling, business development and team building, with some experience in academic teaching. Now days, her focus is on helping others shift their mindset and increase their energy to achieve their professional goals. Her combined experience in business and energy work is the perfect combination for those seeking for a holistic approach in business.. 


Coach Fharas is here to help entrepreneurs and business owners overcome their limiting beliefs and gain the confidence to build and grow their business.


The Brainery by Coach Fharas



At The Brainery by Coach Fharas we help entrepreneurs and business owners not only to level up their mindset and activate their full potential to start and/or grow their business but to be energetically fit for the job. Through our holistic offer you'll discover the key concepts, competencies and practices that will enable you to focus on and lead your project, overcoming the common challenges relating to starting or scaling a successful business.

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Anne Jehl, UK

 During my time being coached by Fharas, I was able to better identify my personal and professional goals and priorities. She’s very knowledgeable. I was able to make a significant move towards these goals, step by step and week by week. She made me think and challenged me to act. I won’t lie, the work was sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s the way to grow! I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. And a great bonus is that she has a great personality and also made our time together fun.


Amanda Wilson, CA

Fharas is a natural coach and mentor. She is patient, intuitive and really listens to find out what is truly going on beneath the surface. She has helped transform the beliefs that I did not know were holding me back from succeeding. After working with Fharas I feel more confident in my ability to follow through with my intentions. A big thank you for all you have done!

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Tessa Arrow, NL

The 4 weeks of coaching I had with Fharas were really beneficial. You can tell that Fharas has experience with business and as a consultant. Fharas holds space and asks the right questions.
She helped me with getting out of my comfort zone more, and by doing that it brought a new client on my path. I've got more direction now and I feel more confident with the path that I'm on.

In 4 weeks a lot of things can change. Having Fharas as a coach really helped me move forward with more clarity.

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