Entrepreneurial Success: Yet another formula

While willing to go against the grain of my usual routine in these unusual and strange times, aiming to clear space for something new to learn and share, that deep inside me, I knew was about to emerge, I decided to do some research. I was feeling curious, open minded and determined to put into practice anything new. So I started exploring the world and industry of self-help.

After an extensive search between the formula for success, the steps to becoming rich, the key to a meaningful life and what it means to be an entrepreneur, I discovered several things. The first thing I discovered was that my search was pointless. Like when you momentarily lose your cellphone. You start looking like crazy. You wonder where you left it. You hesitate. You take it back. You hesitate again. You go into denial because, come on! It’s your phone; how the hell could you lose it! Then you ask yourself: who the hell? To what you answer: well, me, who else! You start being concerned. You get angry. YOU GET ANGRY! You calm down. Ready to give up. You quickly take another look around and drop half defeated into a chair and then: poof! The phone was in the back pocket of your pants. My search was pointless because you don’t go looking for what you already have, unless you think you lost it. By definition I am already successful, rich, have a meaningful life, and also I am a blessed pretty damn good entrepreneur! But for some reason I was not fully aware or was embracing these attributes.

The second thing I discovered was that most people say any kind of nonsense and exploit it. The third thing I discovered was that there is a minority of people that prefer not to say anything and when they do their words become a huge win because they have spoken with purpose. And this last discovery, in particular, impacted me in a way that I immediately implemented it in my life - not because I used to go around saying nonsense ... but I was very opinionated, which on the one hand made me stand out amongst others while at the same time drained me- . The fourth thing I discovered was that achieving success, being rich, living a meaningful life, and being an entrepreneur had not one, but several common denominators. The last thing I discovered is what I call The Entrepreneurial Success Formula. By bringing those common denominators together in a way that I'm sure it can't be a coincidence but rather exactly what I was looking for. And so I must share it.

It is my intention to share this formula in combination with the 3D Method –Discover, Develop and Deliver-, being what has worked for me personally, and what I’ve seen work once put into practice in some entrepreneurs that I have had the pleasure of coaching. For which a second publication, as a continuation, is necessary.

This is an astounding time of change. It is time to break boundaries of convention or act outside of the box. It is the perfect time to look inside and try new things and explore uncharted territories. Take a look at the formula. Try to make some sense out it. If it doesn’t serve you perhaps you already are a successful, rich, with a meaningful live entrepreneur. Embrace it.

To be continued...

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